Places Visited


Aride, Seychelles

This granite island 10km north of Praslin is a nature reserve and seabird's paradise. With no predators and the island never having been infested with rats, the birds here are totally at ease with human visitors.

Laguna Santa Rosa, Chile

It's dry. It's dusty. The altitude is 3700m and the wind is cold while breathing is hard. But three species of flamingoes and a few other interesting birds makes a visit to Laguna Santa Rosa worth the effort.

Carrizal Lagoon, Chile

The mouth of the Carrizal stream forms a lagoon that has a remarkable concentration of water birds, including the black-necked swan. It is located in the Atacama region right by the town of Carrizal Bajo, and Parque Nacional Llanos de Challe is right next door.

ELM Nature Sanctuary, Houston Tx

In West Houston, not far from the Sam Houston Beltway, you can find the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary. It is 17.5 acres of native Texas forest situated along Rummel Creek, criss-crossed with well maintained trails, and a birding hot spot within Houston.