Places Visited


ELM Nature Sanctuary, Houston Tx

In West Houston, not far from the Sam Houston Beltway, you can find the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary. It is 17.5 acres of native Texas forest situated along Rummel Creek, criss-crossed with well maintained trails, and a birding hot spot within Houston.

I visit Houston a couple of times each year on business, and this location is one of my favorites in this part of Houston. Located only a couple of miles from the office it is perfect for an after office bird spotting trip. The main entrance is pretty discreet, located a hundred meters up along a residential road. A small parking lot can be found there along with an old log cabin and also the Houston Audubon's headquarters. Around the log cabin there are multiple bird feeders including hummingbird feeders. There is a network of trails going thorough the property, well marked and well maintained.

The location is an eBird hotspot, and it is well worth to check out the latest sightings there ( 186 species have been observed here. Some of the local residents are impossible to miss, like the Northern Cardinal and Downy Woodpecker. There are in general a lot of woodpeckers here, thanks to the many old trees.  And then the woodpeckers - I have photographed four species here so far.  There are more than just birds in this reserve. Squirrels are jumping around in the trees, and the resident swamp rabbits can frequently be seen. The creek and ponds are full of turtles. And aquatic snakes (non-poisonous), but I have not seen any yet. And there is obviously a mosquito or two to be encountered as well.