Places Visited


La Campana N.P., Chile

La Campana National Park can be found about one hour drive north of Santiago. It is one of the last forests of the endemic Chilean palm, and several endemic birds can also be found here.

Lake Mývatn, Iceland

Drumming Snipes and the constant "kee-errr kee-errr" of Artic terns - that is the sound of Iceland in the summertime, wherever you exit the car on this fantastic island.

Les Sept-Iles, France

This groups of seven islands off the coast of Brittany holds a large Gannet colony and is the southernmost breeding location of the Atlantic Puffin.

Bolivar Flats, Texas

Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary is a protected area north-east of Galveston. With a combination of beach, mud flats and salt marshes, it attracts huge number of birds.